Rapidclimb Formwork Bracket System

Featured Product from RMD Kwikform Ltd

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The crane assisted climbing formwork bracket system from RMD Kwikform. Robust galvanised climbing bracket - 45kN max vertical capacity.


  • Climbing bracket connects to wall with recoverable anchor screw - no lost parts.
  • Reduced crane time in moving forms.
  • Platform and formwork are crane handled in one single operation.
  • Speeds up concrete cycle, reducing programme time on multi-floor builds.
  • Eliminates the need to lay down form for cleaning and enables cores to be constructed in advance.
  • Fast rack and pinion pull back mechanism.


  • Self-contained working levels for economical core forming.
  • No tripping hazard on working platform - the decking boards are at the same level as the top of the climbing bracket.
  • Corner platforms neatly abutt one another.
  • Trailing platform option for finishing trades.


  • Integral vertical adjustment jack for fine levelling of shutter relative to platform.
  • Compatible with RMD Kwikform Alform and Superslim soldier wall formwork and Maxima and Minima panels.
  • Simple lateral adjustment of shutter relative to platform.
  • Rack and pinion shutter activation mechanism is operated from a comfortable position to one side of the bracket.

Features & Benefits

  • Staged construction process - Allows balance of site resources.
  • Trolley mounted formwork panel - Retracts the form face, providing space for cleaning and steel fixing of concrete.
  • Formwork and access platforms are lifted as one - Which minimises crane support and reduces labour and material costs.
  • Fine adjustments of the form face can be made during construction - Provides an accurate alignment of the form face vertically and laterally.
  • Rigid steel construction - Can handle wall forms up to 5.4m high.
  • Trailing platform option - Complete any rectification or finishing activities for areas below the current pour utilising the form itself.
  • Anchor accessories can be reused after each pour - Reduces material costs on current and future construction programmes.