Laser Marking Machines for Serial Numbers

Product Announcement from RMI Laser, LLC

Laser Marking Machines for Serial Numbers -Image

RMI Laser's proprietary software, Symbol Writer Pro allows users to easily generate a customized serial number up to 20 alphanumeric characters. The software allows users to generate static information as a prefix and suffix as well. So, if you label your serial numbers with "S/N" and you have a revision such as "Rev 001," it will remain static while the serial numbers increment after each marking. If you are unable to finish your lot or batch of parts before the shift or day ends, Symbol Writer will also allow the user to save the file, recall that file the next day or shift, and start marking without having to edit anything.

For those who have a database full of Serialized information, RMI Laser can communicate directly with that database to retrieve data, upload data back to database, or check for duplicates before marking the parts. This process will work for stand-alone workstations or integrated/fully automated marking processes.

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