Laser Marking Semiconductor Materials

Product Announcement from RMI Laser, LLC

Laser Marking Semiconductor Materials-Image

RMI Laser manufactures a variety of laser marking systems, some in the 1064nm wavelength and others in the 532nm wavelength. The simple reason, in some cases, the 532nm light is far better in terms of absorption and thermal energy making it ideal for Semiconductor materials that are comprised of hard to mark ceramics, epoxy resins, or Printed Circuit Boards where the underlying copper cannot be exposed.

Absorption comes into play with substrates such as epoxy resin and ceramics. 1064nm, Invisible, Near Infrared wavelength lasers, like fiber lasers, have a more difficult time with these materials because the wavelength 1064nm is not fully absorbed by the substrate like that of the visible 532nm green laser. Therefore, markings are not as clean or as sharp and when marking data matrices that can get as small as 1mm x 1mm, clarity and resolution are key. Additionally, because of better absorption, the contrast is far superior along with the marking speeds.

For printed circuit boards, integrated circuits, silicon wafers, or other photovoltaic material wafers, the thermal energy is a major concern as it can cause micro-cracking, particulate dispersion, or Heat Affected Zones (HAZ) that lead to stress fracturing. Because the 532nm wavelength is shorter and in the visible spectrum, the heat it produces is far less intense when compared to 1064nm or 10.6 micron lasers. This coupled with the increased absorption and smaller marking spot sizes, usually 30 microns or less, 532nm green lasers are the perfect solution to directly mark Semiconductor materials.

RMI Laser designs and manufactures 2 & 5 watt 532nm laser marking systems. The UG-Series boasts a full 3 year warranty and the best price on the market today,

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