The RMI Laser Difference - Laser Marking

Product Announcement from RMI Laser, LLC

The RMI Laser Difference - Laser Marking-Image

The competition among suppliers of laser markers is fierce. Today, there are dozens of players in the market with new entrants springing up at a rapid rate.

In particular, the advent of fiber laser sources has made it relatively easy for a wide range of traditional marking companies (stamping/scribing/chemical etching) to assemble and sell their own laser systems.

So how does someone shopping for a laser marker sort through all of the claims to make the right decision?

Buying is no different than any other major equipment purchase. You want:

  • The highest quality product
  • A complete turn-key solution
  • Excellent customer service & support
  • The best price and value for what you're getting

Therefore, we want to provide you with information about RMI Laser to help separate us from the pack and make your decision process a bit easier.

The RMI Laser Difference:

At RMI Laser, we ONLY focus on laser marking systems for industrial parts marking applications. It's all we do!