UF-20Fiber Laser Marking System

Product Announcement from RMI Laser, LLC

UF-20Fiber Laser Marking System-Image

RMI Laser's Fiber Laser Marking systems are ideal for manufacturing environments and custom production workspaces.

The UF-20 Fiber Laser Marking System is the next impressive step following a decade of laser marking innovation based on our solid state laser technologies and experiences in Nd:YVO4 and Nd:YAG laser marking systems. Ideal for manufacturing environments and applications that require depth engraving or surface etching. The UF-20 is capable of marking on all metals, most plastics, ceramics and composites. Because of the intense heat and pulse duration of the UF-20, we suggest using this laser for harder materials and less sensitive components and the thermal energy can cause surface damage and large quantities of particulates.

The UF-20 comes features:

•Full 2 Year Warranty
•Fast Setup, no warm-up time
• Batch Part Processing
• Environmentally Friendly-No Consumables
• Turnkey System
• 100,000 hours MTBF
• No Maintenance