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Free DFM Analysis to Optimize Your Product Design

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After sending files to RPWORD, you’ll get an interactive quote with free DFMA report soon after. The DFM report includes suggestions for the process, material, surface treatment selection and design optimization from the perspective of manufacturability and assembly. The in-depth analysis helps reduce manufacturing risks before any actual production begins, avoid the costly reworks, and is one of the core benefits for customer to work with RPWORD. 

1) Professional Engineer Team
Professional Sales Support Engineer Team serving all our clients to optimize their designs for manufacturability and assembly. 

2) Make the Products Go into Market Earlier
Significative proposals through the entire project cycle, not only solving the current problems, but also paying more attention to subsequent batches production and mass production, which could help customers save time.

3) Save Development Costs
Consistent recommendations of the most suitable solution to help customers save costs

4) Rich Experience
Rich projects and processing experience to help customers avoid risks effectively from the source.

You will also receive optimal commercial solutions based on development stage, quantity, lead time and more, which will help you launch products to market quickly and cost-effectively. By the way, you can contact us by email, instant message, online meeting, or any other options, anytime, anywhere. We are your reliable experts next door. Contact US Now.