Han-Eco® B High Performance Plastic Connectors

Featured Product from RS Components, Ltd.

HARTING has developed the Han-Eco® B, a new series of hoods and housings available in a range of designs including bulkhead, surface mount and cable-to-cable, with sizes from 6B to 24B. They are manufactured from high-performance plastic, which provides IP65 protection, and are fully compatible with the standard metal Han® B housings, meaning it’s easy to combine new units with existing equipment. In addition, the hoods and housings are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, thanks to their resistance to environmental impacts.

The Han-Eco® B offers substantial time savings during the installation of control panels, thanks to the ability to rear mount inserts. Instead of installing cables through the bulkhead before assembling the contact inserts, the Han-Eco® B allows you to snap pre-assembled inserts into the housing from the rear. Not only does this simplify cabinet assembly, saving time and money, it also gives you the flexibility to separately pre-assemble the switch cabinet units and cable harnesses.