Harting Han® - a reliable connection

Product Announcement from RS Components, Ltd.

HARTING’s Han® Q 1/0 Axial Screw Protected connectors are compact single-pole units that enable the transmission of high currents within the small footprint of a standard 3 A housing.

The range features an angled male contact which is fed out of the application at a right angle to form a relatively flat structure. The range is also compact because contact is established on the connection side by a female contact and not via the cable. HARTING also pre-assembles the angled male variant, so no assembly required by the user. A straight female insert with the axial screw technique is used on the connection side.

The axial screw technique means that Han® Q 1/0 connectors can assembled easily in the field without the use of special tools.

Han® Q 1/0 Axial Screw Protected connectors can be used with cables with conductor cross-sections between 16 mm² and 25 mm², and can be coded with separate pins - a total of 16 different codings are possible.

All male and female inserts are touch-safe according to IEC 60 529.


HARTING’s Han® Q 1/0 from RS: https://uk.rs-online.com/web/c/?searchTerm=han+Q&sra=oss&r=t

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