Product Announcement from Radiall


SMP-Spring adapters were developed to help designers cope with mechanical alignment tolerances for module-to-module and board-to-board interconnections.
With the large axial and radial tolerance of these adapters and the range of different adapter lengths available, it is now possible to interconnect modules with larger sizes, with differences in geometry, with higher number of SMP ports, with less design constraints and no compensation needed for material expansion or deformation.

SMP-Spring adapters offer .046" (1.17mm) axial travel

The axial tolerance is 4.5 times higher with our new spring loaded adapters than with fixed SMP adapters.

  • Axial travel tolerance .046" (1.17mm)
  • Radial misalignment tolerance ± .010" (±0.25mm)
  • 1000 mating cycles
  • Operating frequency range DC-18GHz
  • 1.2 Max VSWR guaranteed at 12GHz
  • 3 different lengths available

It is recommended to use the spring loaded adapters with a full detent receptacle connected on the spring side of the adapter, and the smooth bore "catcher's mitt" receptacle R222508722 on the other side. The cone shape of the "catcher's mitt" receptacle allows guiding the female interface of the adapter without any effort.

To help you design your system, Radiall can provide you with the overall board-to-board or module-to-module distance and tolerance for any combination of adapters and receptacles that may be suitable for your application. We can also develop new adapters with different lengths to meet your specific needs. Please contact us.

Radiall SMP connectors combine small size with superior performance

With more than 180 active part numbers, Radiall offers one of the most comprehensive product ranges in the market for SMP connectors.

  • Frequency range DC-40GHz
  • Excellent vibration and shock performance
  • Standard axial float of 0.25mm and radial misalignment of ± 0.25mm
  • 3 different retention forces (full detent, limited detent, smooth bore) with corresponding mating cycles (100, 500, 1000)
  • High density with center to center spacing as low as 4.8 mm, and min board-to-board spacing of 8.3 mm
  • Meet or exceed the applicable requirements of DESC drawing numbers 94007 and 94008


The SMP series was designed for military applications such as phased array active antennas, satellites, airborne, shipboard or ground radars.

Radiall SMP-Spring adapters were specifically developed for active antennas featuring a large number of coaxial interconnections per module or board. Feasibility has been demonstrated for as many as 60 SMP ports on a single board.