Evaluate Near-IR Light for Facial Recognition

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The Radiant Vision Systems Near-Infrared (NIR) Intensity Lens system is an integrated camera/lens solution that measures the angular distribution and radiant intensity of 850 or 940 nm near-infrared (NIR or near-IR) emitters. The NIR Intensity Lens system utilizes Fourier optics to capture a full angular distribution of NIR light in a single measurement to ±70 degrees, giving you extremely fast, accurate results ideal for in-line quality control.

Key Features

  • Highly accurate NIR emission measurement over angle
  • Analysis of structured light patterns oroduced by lasers (dots, grids, and arrays)
  • High-speed operation, capturing data for all angles simultaneously
  • Easy-to-use measurement control and analysis software
  • Optional TT-NIRI™ Software with a suite of analyses for NIR source measurement


  • Accurate and reliable measurement of angular emissions up to ±70° at once
  • Faster than goniometric systems; more accurate than measuring distributions on a wall
  • High angular resolution (to 0.05 degrees per sensor pixel)
  • Compact form factor
  • Combination of low cost, high performance, and flexibility


  • Angular measurement of near-infrared (NIR) light sources used in facial recognition, eye tracking, monitoring, and 3D sensing applications
  • Turnkey evaluation of 850 or 940 nanometer (nm) light sources for accurate radiant intensity output at all angles
  • In-line measurement for both R&D and quality control during production, ensuring safety and performance

Awards and Recognition:

The Radiant NIR Intensity Lens has been honored with three awards for innovation: