TrueTest Automated Visual Inspection Software

Featured Product from Radiant Vision Systems

TrueTest software can be paired with any ProMetric Colorimeter to create a complete testing system for flat panel displays, backlight units, illuminated keyboards, and LED screens. Designed for high-volume production, TrueTest  enables automated quality testing and defect detection, as well as defect classification based on human visual perception.

Its comprehensive set of predefined tests, flexible framework, and configurable pass/fail criteria make TrueTest ideal for manufacturers of display devices, embedded displays, and upstream FPD suppliers.

The TrueTest software application has five main components:

  • Test library
  • Test sequencer
  • Test manager (user-defined test parameters and pass/fail settings)
  • Test execution, automated
  • Report generator

TrueTest is optimized for high volume manufacturing applications:

  • TrueTest supports both an administrator interface for defining tests and test parameters, and a restricted operator mode for running tests.
  • TrueTest interfaces to a video pattern generator or the device under test itself to control test patterns.
  • TrueTest testing can be initiated by a human operator or directly by a production control system (PCS) in a fully automated production environment.
  • TrueTest can interface to the PCS, a barcode reader or the equivalent to obtain information about the DUT; the test sequence and test parameters can be varied automatically from DUT to DUT based on this information.
  • TrueTest takes advantage of the high speed computing technology of modern PCs to take measurements and perform test analyses in parallel-thereby minimizing takt time.