Webinar: Automated Inspection with Human Precision

Featured Product from Radiant Vision Systems

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Today’s electronics manufacturing processes are largely automated. However, final inspection for connected assemblies has lacked an effective automated solution that achieves both highly-repeatable and highly-accurate defect detection. At the final stages of production where internal components are verified before device enclosure, human inspectors remain the primary inspection method. This is due to superior human visual acuity and judgment over typical machine vision systems for complex visual analysis. However, human inspection lacks the desired autonomy and consistency of machines.

In this 30-minute webinar, host Davis Bowling, Regional Sales Manager for Radiant North America, presents a turnkey inspection solution that leverages advanced vision technology to achieve unrivaled accuracy and repeatability, bridging the gap between human inspectors and machine vision systems. Topics include:

  • Unmet challenges in assembly verification
  • Shortcomings of today's human and machine vision inspection solutions
  • INSPECT.assembly™ visual inspection station from Radiant
  • Example applications of advanced vision for assembly verification

An audience Q&A with the presenter follows the presentation.