Webinar: Evaluation of Freeform & Curved Displays

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Displays are taking new shapes in the vehicle—offering design flexibility for vehicle interiors, but also introducing challenges for display measurement. Traditional display test methods developed for rectangular and flat panel displays (FPDs) do not provide an effective solution for measuring the visual quality of freeform and curved displays, which do not adhere to typical display measurement areas or dimensions. While freeform display shapes pose challenges for registering the precise measurement area of the display, curved displays are affected by view angle changes that result in focus and contrast differences from center to edge. An evolution of display test methodology—including unique hardware configurations and new software tools—are required to ensure these displays can be effectively measured to capture accurate brightness, color, uniformity, contrast, and visual defects.

In this webinar, the Radiant Vision Systems Automotive Team presents effective solutions for evaluating the quality of curved and freeform displays. The team will discuss the challenges posed by these displays for measurement, and introduce the latest solutions from Radiant for display registration and flexible measurement setups. Topics include:

  • Trends in automotive freeform and curved displays
  • Display measurement challenges: Registration, angle, and depth of field
  • Radiant’s new RIDA (Register Inside Display Area) feature in TrueTest™ Software
  • Measurement equipment and setups that enable curved display testing

The webinar includes a presentation and software demonstrations, followed by a Q&A with the webinar presenter and technical experts.