XR Lens Display Testing/Replicating the Human Eye

Featured Product from Radiant Vision Systems

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Today's AR/VR/MR (collectively XR) developers and manufacturers are working with a wide array of devices such as headsets, helmets, gogles, and smart glasses. Different optics, form factors, and imaging systems are used to address multiple different use cases. XR display makers need quality measurement solutions that are flexible enough to enable rapid prototyping and design iterations, yet also highly accurate and capable of production-line inspection speeds.

In this webinar, Radiant's Optics Development Manager Eric Eisenberg Eisenberg will introduce a new XR display test system from Radiant—the XRE Lens—which leverages a patent-pending modular design to meet a more diverse measurement needs out of the box. The presentation will describe measurement challenges and how they are addressed by features of the lens’s optical design, including electronic focus control, a range of imaging resolution and FOV options, and folded ("periscope") optical geometries to measure the visual performance of XR devices with various focus ranges, display specifications, and form factors. The advantage of the solution’s flexible design is that it offers XR manufacturers a means of quickly selecting and deploying a more tailored and comprehensive XR display test system, which continues to replicate human vision in headsets, in many cases eliminating the need for costly custom equipment.

Watch the webinar.