Medical Dial-Up Modem Solutions

Featured Product from Radicom Research, Inc.

Radicom Research offers a complete family of external and embedded modems specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements for the Medical Services Industry.

These very small and versatile modems are available in both Serial TTL and the popular USB interfaces. The Radicom Research Medical Modem™ family is Safety, Emissions, and Telco compliant to meet most medical device requirements.

As well as compliance with IEC60601-1 for medical applications, 3KV breakdown is also available in both the USB and Serial versions. The certifications are transferable to allow easy integration into almost any platform.

All Medical Modem versions are CCITT and Bell compliant for complete compatibility to existing and future installations. The family is also compliant to domestic and international Telco standards. Versions include 300bps (V.21/Bell103), 1200/2400bps (Bell212/V.22/V.22bis), 14.4kbps (V.32bis), 33.6kbps (V.34) and 56kbps (V.90/V.92).

All platforms are available with FAX, voice playback and record, as well as DTMF (SP) tone generation and detection. These versatile products can be provisioned for applications ranging from system monitoring and reporting to answering inbound calls with voice responses.

Available in commercial and industrial temperature ranges, all versions are RoHS Compliant. Click on the links above to find the details of a specific product.

[Dial-up modems are medical app compliant]

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