METROLOGY - Quality Assurance Services Available

Service Detail from Rainbow Research Optics, Inc.

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Rainbow Research Optics, Inc. (RROI) offers services to inspect, measure, visualize, and verify a variety of sizes and shapes of optics. Quality reports are always provided as part of our manufacturing process, but few people are aware that our quality assurance services are also offered separately.  Because we are primarily a manufacturer and not a lab, we provide these services at lower costs than national laboratories.

Our Inspection Machinery:

Name Quantity Model Maker Year
Centering Microscope 4 Multiple Pearl 2012-2016
Autocollimator 2 6D Nikon 2015
90x MAG Digital Polarizing Microscope 1   AM Scope 2015
150x MAG Digital Portable Wireless Microscope 1 GT620 FireFLy 2016
Profile Projector 1 172-848-1A Mitutoyo 2014
Visible Light Interferometer 3 Verifire GPI 4″ XP/D Zygo 2011-2014
UV-VIS-NIR Spectrophotometer 1 Lamda 1050 Perkin Elmer 2012
FT-IR Spectrophotometer 1 Frontier Optica Perkin Elmer 2013
High Speed Roundness Measurement System 1 Surtronic R-1000 Taylor Hobson 2014
Contact Aspheric Profiler 1 Talysurf PGI 1240 Taylor Hobson 2015
Non-Contact 3D Profiler 1 CCI MP-HS Taylor Hobson 2015
Profile Projector (Optical Comparator) 1 172-848-1A Mitutoyo 2014

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