Opto-Electronics for Defense & Security

Product Announcement from Raytheon ELCAN Optical Technologies

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Around the free world, every major battlefield platform critical military observation and targeting system has assemblies and/or sub-systems manufactured by Raytheon ELCAN. Raytheon ELCAN supplies mission critical components to every major military subcontractor in North America and Europe.

Leading defense contractors turn to Raytheon ELCAN, for their unique understanding and experience with advanced optical systems, to solve customer challenges. Some of the greatest advancements in infrared imaging, digital display technologies, optical guidance, airborne sensors, observation, and targeting systems are founded on optics by Raytheon ELCAN.

Raytheon ELCAN Optical Technologies is the rugged hi-tech mission leader with a complete range of battle-tested, premium quality optics, electronics, opto-mechanics and opto-electronics for military and commercial applications.


North American Market

European Market