Unlocking Efficiencies:Measuring Performance KPIs

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Unlocking Efficiencies: Measuring Performance KPIs With Visual Management Tools
Manufacturers often have a sense that there are inefficiencies on the plant floor, but find difficulty identifying them . They are correct—inefficient processes and waste happen every day in every plant around the world . In fact, the “hidden factory1” phenomenon indicates losses due to workarounds, rework and inefficient changeover procedures can be as much as 40 percent of total company effort .
The strategic principles and practices of lean manufacturing used by many organizations help improve inefficient processes to drive productivity and rise above the competition . A variety of lean philosophies exist, such as Kaizen, Six Sigma, total quality management and continuous improvement . Despite varying concepts, each practice uses KPIs to analyze and optimize manufacturing processes .
KPIs are top-level metrics that measure the use of facilities, time, material and personnel for manufacturing and process operations . KPIs set expectations and show gaps between actual and ideal performance targets at both the plant floor level and the organizational level . They can also measure the positive or negative effect of deviation from the norm and communicate success or failure of processes .
To make this data actionable, KPIs must be communicated in an understandable and meaningful way to production floor personnel and their supervisors—ideally in real-time .
Measuring and displaying KPIs in the work environment produces immediate gains in operator performance .2 The performance improvement links to employee awareness, pride and competitiveness .
Integrating a KPI tracking program with visual management tools has the power to shift individual and organizational behaviors . With accurate, real-time visibility into production processes and inefficiencies, manufacturers can transition from the dreaded “do more with less” mentality to a more positive “do the right thing with the right amount” outlook .

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