New STEMlab 250-12 product development

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New STEMlab 250-12 product development
At Red Pitaya we heavily relate to our community's opinion and this is no different when we are launching new products. We listen to the needs and wants of our users and tailor our products to best fit these needs. At Embedded World in February we announced the development of a completely new STEMlab product with improved analog front-end performance. The new STEMlab 250-12 provides more real-time processing capabilities due to the bigger FPGA. 

The product prototypes are currently in production and will be tested at our premises soon. The product is supposed to be released in late 2019/early 2020.
We are always happy to hear your opinions and this time is no exception. If you have any ideas or proposals let us know and we will make sure to pass it on to our development team!

Red Pitaya
Red Pitaya was designed to make people learn programming and realize all types of engineering projects with the help of its growing community and strong support.
From fun DIY projects (syncing X-mas tree lights, making own weather station etc.) to advanced projects for educators, students, makers, professionals would like to prototype their ideas faster and are looking for affordable, highly functional test and measurement equipment.
It consists of easy to use visual programming SW and ready to use open source, web based test and measurement instruments running on a powerful, credit card sized HW.
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