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5 reasons why Red Pitaya is the perfect measurement and control tool for remote teaching

1. It can be controlled remotely by most popular software tools like MATLAB, LABview or Python

Device functionalities and data can be accessed through Matlab, Labview, Scilab and Python API’s. The time to develop new applications is short thanks to the intuitive software design, many useful examples and detailed documentation. Here's a more detailed description of each tool with examples:




2. It runs WEB based applications, so it works with Windows, MAC or Linux PC and is easy to use

STEMlab is with its 50 MHz of frequency range and 14 bits of resolution a very powerful and precise multifunction measurement device that can replace a stack of lab instruments. It is very compact, portable and ethernet/wifi connectivity allows you to do measurements remotely.

STEMlab will transform your PC, tablet or phone into an easy to use:
2 Ch. oscilloscope, 2 Ch. signal generator, 8 Ch. logic analyzer, Spectrum analyzer, LCR meter, Bode analyzer and Vector network analyzer

All above applications are are web based and can be remotely controlled.

3. It decreases the overall costs of teaching tools

Red Pitaya's STEMlab kits are very accessible to start with, but we also offer a special discount for academia members. Furthermore, students will use Red Pitaya for 3-4 years on average, and we are proud to say that the cost of Red Pitaya per student comes down to an insane €40 per year. That's less than the cost of photocopying one book!

4. Comes with open-source software that is free and doesn't require any licencing or hidden fees

The platform software is Open Source and available on Github. STEMlab seems like a right choice with its remote access over WEB interface, making it possible to connect to a Red Pitaya within minutes. Several applications are available for free and and lectures are already available so professors can save time and energy.

5. Lots of step-by-step instructional videos, teaching lessons and examples available for free

Since universities around the world are dealing with a "new normal", professors need something that will make teaching in the new semester easier for them! Prepare yourself and download our free ebook HERE.

Red Pitaya
Red Pitaya was designed to make people learn programming and realize all types of engineering projects with the help of its growing community and strong support.
From fun DIY projects (syncing X-mas tree lights, making own weather station etc.) to advanced projects for educators, students, makers, professionals would like to prototype their ideas faster and are looking for affordable, highly functional test and measurement equipment.
It consists of easy to use visual programming SW and ready to use open source, web based test and measurement instruments running on a powerful, credit card sized HW.
Red Pitaya makes Real Engineers!