SDR Transciever

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STEMlab 125-14 coupled with SDR transciever module and free of charge customized Power SDR STEMlab/HAMlab edition becomes a fully functional SDR transceiver with 160-10m band coverage and 10W of output power.

• Receiver architecture: direct sampling / internal high performance 125Msps 14-bit A/D

• Receiver: 25KHz - 62,5MHz

• Transmitter: 160-10m 10W transmitter

• Rx pre-amp: 15/30dB

• Rx att: 12dB/24dB/36dB

• Antenna ports: 2

• Modulations: AM, FM, RTTY, CW, LSB, USB, DIGITAL (limited only by the application software)

• Software: Power SDR STEMlab/HAMlab edition