STEMLAB Signal Generation

Featured Product from Red Pitaya

Provides great price/performance and flexibility. Is easy to start with and a reliable OEM component.

STEMlab is nowadays built into many industry solutions all around the globe as a data acquisition platform due to its performing and reliable hardware, open source software and standard API's, its ability to run custom FPGA code and a very affordable price tag.

It has 2 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs running at 125 MS/s and 14 bits of resolution that are coupled with the latest technology Xilinx Zynq 7010 and an ARM A9 dual-core co-processor.

The platform software is Open Source and available on Github. Device functionalities and data can be accessed through Matlab, Labview, Scilab and Python API's. The time to develop new applications is short thanks to the intuitive software design, many useful examples and detailed documentation.

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