Redco Outrigger Pads- Lighter and longer lasting

Product Announcement from Redwood Plastics

Redco Outrigger Pads- Lighter and longer lasting-Image
  • Lightweight, 1/7th The Weight Of Steel
  • Withstands Loads Up To 3000 psi
  • Retains Its Physical Properties To -80°c
  • Will Not Corrode, Rot, Or Rust
  • High Impact & Wear Resistance
  • Can Withstand Over 1,000,000 Lbs Of Compressive Load

Lighter and longer lasting than plywood or steel, Redco™ Outrigger Pads stand up to harsh weather and extreme environments to protect you and your equipment from costly accidents.Redco™ Outrigger Pads are available in Redco™ UHMW, Redco™ Nylon and Anti-Slip Varieties.

Rope or Wire Handles Included

SAFETY TEXTURING - Non Slip Varieties Available

CUSTOM Sizes and Shapes Available

Standard Sizes up to 84″ WIDE

Save Time, Save Money… Save Your Strength!

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