Integrated Vapor Chamber Heat Sinks

Featured Product from Rego Electronics Inc.

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A vapor chamber is a high-end thermal management device that can rapidly spread heat from a small source to a large platform of area. A properly designed vapor chamber with heat sink can improve the thermal performance by 10- 30% over copper, and heat pipe based solutions. A vapor chamber is much lighter than solid copper, due to its internal chamber structure. In many cases, a vapor chamber based heat sink weighs the same as an extruded aluminum heat sink, but works much better than a copper heat sink.

Quality Assurance

Rego’s vapor chambers are very reliable thermal devices. They are well tested in production line according to the following tests,
-100% Helium leakage test
-Water Quality Inspection, on line detecting.
-100% Weight filling quantity
-100% Thermal aging
-100% Thermal Performance test