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Rego's Tailor Made Thermal Module

Featured Product from Rego Electronics Inc.

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Rego is specialized in tailor made thermal module business. We take advantage of diversified heat sink technologies such as extrusion, skive, forge, stamp, die casting & CNC machining. According to different need of each project, our design engineers will integrate heat pipes, vapor chambers, cooling fans into a tailor made thermal module. would you like to know more details? Our engineers and account managers will give you the full picture about the advantage of customized solutions as follows

- Space saving
- Matching your product design instead of the other way around
- Fulfilling the special requirements of your application
- Total cost-efficient
- Communication and logistics services taylored to your needs

 Thermal Flow Simulation Software Tools

We use state of the art software tools for our design. In many cases, it accelerates design process and enhance quality.

3D -- Creo 2.0 (formerly Pro/ENGINEER) / PTC
3D -- SOLIWORKS 2015 / Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS Corp.

Thermal Design_Case Study A

Application : Medical Pad
IP54 Waterproof
Temperature on Chassie must below 40 deg C
Multi-chips heat source 

Thermal module solution
Aluminium plate assembled with heat pipes and stamped aluminum fins / IP55 4510 Blower

Thermal Design_Case Study B

Application : Industrial Computer
Fanless thermal design
TDP 25 watts

Thermal module solution
Extruded aluminium top cover assembled with heat pipes, copper / aluminium blocks and riveted nuts