Safety Bollards for Asset Protection

Product Announcement from Reliance Foundry Co. Ltd.

Safety Bollards for Asset Protection-Image

A small investment in asset-protection safety bollards provides phenomenal ROI by extending the useful life of physical assets and preventing injuries.

Our bollards shrug off any human-powered contact, from small floor cleaners to the largest hand carts. They mount securely in minutes and their brushed stainless steel finish guarantees long life and looks great - use them in malls and other public places as well as work areas.

Features and benefits:

  • Quick installation: the asset protection bollards secure tightly over a threaded 2 bolt base, with no expensive core drilling, excavation or concrete pouring required
  • Strong: energy absorbing design withstands impacts from pallet jacks, cars, forklifts or trucks, without damage to the concrete.
  • Easily relocated: because these safety bollards are not embedded in the ground, they can be easily removed or relocated.
  • Low maintenance: Reliance Foundry's asset protection bollards never need to be painted; the stainless steel material only requires minimal cleaning to keep it from rusting.

Reliance Foundry currently offers two asset-protection bollards;