28 GHz Beamforming System and Antenna Array for 5G

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This example describes a more developed 28 GHz antenna array capable of forming multiple beams for use in applications such as 5G network base stations. The system consists of three parts: a Rotman lens beamformer with seven input ports and eight output ports, a series of stripline Wilkinson power dividers to split each Rotman output into eight equal signals, and an 8x8 patch antenna array. The system will create seven focused beams with 3dB beamwidth of approximately 14.5 degrees and greater than 17 dBi Fggain that cover a +/- 30 degree area.

The design process consists of three separate stages: the creation of the Rotman lens beamformer, the design of the 1 to 8 Wilkinson power divider, and the 8x8 patch antenna array. The Rotman lens is designed as a microstrip device using Remcom’s Rotman Lens Designer® (RLD) software. The power divider and the patch array are designed in XFdtd®.
This example will describe the creation of each stage of the device and evaluate the performance of the individual stages and the full device.

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