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Schematic Editor and Optimization Overview Webinar

Featured Product from Remcom (USA)

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Now fully featured to encompass the entire matching network workflow.

This webinar demonstrates the full range of features available to users, with a focus on recent updates that include optimization of component values, impedance and aperture tuners with tune codes, and system efficiency results.

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XFdtd 3D EM Simulation Software includes a schematic editor for analyzing matching networks, corporate feed networks, and beamforming.  It integrates a frequency-domain circuit solver with full-wave results.  As modern wireless products require more components, shrinking the available real estate for a device’s antennas and complicating design, engineers face challenges that the schematic editor eases.  

Key Takeaways:

  • Optimization determines the ideal component values to meet design goals
  • Availability of tune codes for impedance and aperture tuner applications
  • System efficiency as a result metric
  • Matching network parasitics
  • Diplex matched antennas
  • Beamforming
  • Operating modes for simulating multi-state devices
  • Slide bars for manual tuning
  • SAR post-processing