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Auto-Radar Drive Scenario: Increasing Realism

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Learn how Remcom’s WaveFarer® Radar Simulation Software uses ray-tracing to simulate virtual drive scenarios and predict radar returns as a system moves through an environment with vehicles, roadway structures, pedestrians, and other objects.

Drive scenario simulation can offer significant benefits for early testing of sensor designs and as a complement to operational road tests. However, focusing on mmWave radar sensors, there are several challenges to simulation of a realistic automotive scenario:

  • Near-field conditions that invalidate traditional RCS concepts
  • Densely-faceted vehicle models; complex for traditional “propagation” ray-tracers
  • Complex multipath from roadside structures (guard rails, signs, parked vehicles, etc.)
  • Dynamic scenarios with multiple vehicles in motion, potentially with moving parts

This presentation uses WaveFarer to describe these challenges, possible solutions, and recent R&D to address key aspects of the problem, including target scattering, multipath and clutter, and micro-Doppler from motion such as the moving limbs of a walking pedestrian.