80A Single Channel Digital Power Module

Featured Product from Renesas Electronics Corporation

80A Single Channel Digital Power Module-Image

The ISL8273M digital power module delivers up to 80A output current and operates from industry standard 5V or 12V input power rails. In a multi-module/multi-phase configuration, the digital switch mode power supply can support up to 320A power rails.

Key Features

  • Wide input voltage range from 4.5V to 14V
  • Programmable VOUT from 0.6V to 2.5V
  • Up to 320A/4 parallel modules capable solution
  • PMBus-enabled for full system configuration, telemetry and monitoring of all conversions and operating parameters
  • Patented ChargeMode™ control architecture: up to 94% peak conversion efficiency with 1% output voltage accuracy; single clock cycle transient response; compensation-free design eliminates the need for complex calculations and stability analysis
  • Advanced soft-start/stop, sequencing and margining
  • On-board nonvolatile memory
  • Complete over/undervoltage, current and temperature protections with fault logging
  • Compact 18mm x 23mm x 7.5mm, thermally-enhanced HDA package simplifies thermal management, solution positioning and PCB routing
  • Supported by PowerNavigator™ GUI


  • VIN: 4.5V to 14V
  • VOUT: 0.6V to 2.5V
  • IOUT (max): 80A
  • IQ: 40 mA
  • POR: Yes
  • Switching Frequency: 296kHz to 1.06MHz
  • Control Type: Digital
  • SYNCH Capability: Yes
  • Current Sharing: Yes
  • Tracking: No
  • Digital: Yes


  • Server, telecom, storage and datacom
  • Industrial/ATE and networking equipment
  • General purpose power for ASIC, FPGA, DSP and memory

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