Digital Hybrid DC/DC Controllers with PMBus

Featured Product from Renesas Electronics Corporation

Digital Hybrid DC/DC Controllers with PMBus-Image

The ISL6820x PMBus™ compatible, single-phase digital hybrid DC/DC controllers provide POL conversions for FPGAs, DSPs, ASICs, processors and general purpose system rails.  

The ISL68200 with integrated MOSFET drivers can directly drive external MOSFETs, while the ISL68201 with PWM output can be paired with a DrMOS power stage to create a complete voltage regulator solution.

The ISL6820x digital hybrid controllers are fully configurable with external pin-strap resistors, which provide a familiar engineering design flow and eliminate the need for non-volatile memory. Designers can use the PMBus interface and PowerNavigator GUI software to read back Vin, Vout, Iout and temperature telemetry, monitor fault reporting bits, and conduct on the fly changes to the Vout setpoint. For systems where PMBus functionality is not required, the interface can be used to debug the power supply during board bring-up, and then left disconnected in final production.

The ISL68200 and ISL68201 leverage Intersil's proprietary R4 modulation technology, which provides a compensation free control loop that eliminates external compensation resistors and capacitors.

ISL6820x Key Features
  • Proprietary R4 technology with industry-leading transient response
  • Input voltage range of 4.5V to 24V
  • Output voltage range of 0.5V to 5.5V 
  • ±0.5% DAC accuracy and remote voltage sense
  • Integrated LDOs for single input rail solution
  • Complete configuration with external pin-strap resistors, eliminating complicated NVM programming requirements
  • SMBus/PMBus/I2C compatible interface operating at up to 1.25MHz
  • Full PowerNavigator support
  • 4mm x 4mm, 24-lead QFN package 
  • High efficiency and high density POL digital power
  • FPGA, ASIC and memory supplies
  • Data center: servers, storage systems
  • Wired infrastructure: routers/switches/optical networking
  • Wireless infrastructure: base station