FASTRACK™ linear optical encoder system

Product Announcement from Renishaw

FASTRACK is a revolutionary track-mounted linear encoder scale system from Renishaw that combines ±5 µm/m accuracy, with the ruggedness of stainless steel, and the quick and easy installation of a carrier-type encoder system.

Furthermore, FASTRACK enables rapid removal and replacement of scale, even with limited access, making it ideal for large machines that are sectioned for transport to their final installation, or for axes that are exposed to potential damage.

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FASTRACK linear optical encoder system

Designed for applications that demand high accuracy and easily removable scale, the FASTRACK scale system consists of two miniature, yet rugged, guide rails. These securely retain Renishaw's new low-profile scales (8 x 0.2 mm cross-section) and allow them to freely expand at their own thermal expansion coefficient with almost zero hysteresis (sub-micron on a centre-clamped 2 metre axis over the entire operating temperature range, for example). If damaged, the scale can be pulled out of the guide rails and quickly replaced, even where access is limited, thus reducing machine downtime.

Forming part of a modular solution, FASTRACK can be used with either Renishaw's RTLC incremental scale and super-compact TONiC™ readhead, or the new RESOLUTE™ linear absolute encoder and RTLA absolute scale. In both cases, the encoders feature advanced optoelectronics conferring resolutions to 1 nm, low sub-divisional error (SDE) and very low jitter for smoother velocity control and rock-solid positional stability.