Fast set-up optical encoders cut size, cost

Product Announcement from Renishaw

Renishaw's new TONiC™ super-compact encoders provide easy solutions to problems with glass encoders. They end the fragility, system complexity and tedious installation adjustments once and for all. Advanced optical design, innovative electronics, and ultra-compact size enable greater design/application flexibility for everything from ultra-precision semi-conductor and micro-manufacturing systems to large machine tools. Innovative optics with very high 'signal to noise' ratio combine with dynamic signal processing to ensure ultra-low sub-divisional-error (SDE <±30 nm) and jitter. TONiC™ delivers a level of performance previously available only from more delicate fine-pitch encoder systems. Two integral readhead LEDs give quick and easy set-up and diagnostics, while simple construction using an ASIC and integrated sensor technology provides 'fit and forget' reliability. With auto-calibration, integral diagnostic LEDs and IN-TRAC™ optical reference mark, installation could not be easier – TONiC™ can be set-up and running with maximum performance and minimum fuss in a matter of seconds! For ultimate flexibility, TONiC™ reads a variety of linear and rotary scale types including a new version of Renishaw's gold scale featuring the auto-phase IN-TRAC™ optical reference mark. IN-TRAC™ provides a bi-directionally repeatable index over the entire speed and temperature range without increasing overall system width. Integral dual limits are also available enabling users to select end of travel position. TONiC™ is the latest in a proven range of high-speed, non-contact optical encoders from Renishaw. As with all Renishaw products, TONiC™ encoders are fully supported by a worldwide network offering responsive global service and application advice.