Magnetic Encoders for Harsh Environments

Product Announcement from Renishaw

Renishaw'e extensive new generation encoders offer reliable, low cost, rotary and linear magnetic encoders designed for use in harsh environments.

To meet the increasing demand for reliable, low cost, rotary and linear encoding Renishaw works closely with our associate company RLS d.o.o., to produce a range of robust magnetic linear encoders, magnetic ring encoders and magnetic rotary encoders

Designed for use in harsh environments, such as industrial automation and assembly systems, metalworking, stone-cutting, sawing, textiles, plastics processing, woodworking, packaging and electronic chip/board production, these high-speed magnetic encoders complement Renishaw's extensive range of optical angle encoder and optical linear encoder products.

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  • Magnetic linear encoders
    • LM10 linear magnetic encoder system - The LM10 features a compact sealed readhead that rides at up to 1.5 mm from the self-adhesive magnetic strip scale, which brings 100 m travel and is simple to install.
    • LM13 magnetic linear encoder - Simple to install, the LM13 features an integral set-up LED on the readhead, wide installation tolerances and an applicator tool for the adhesive-backed magnetic scale. A bidirectional reference is provided that can be either actuated by a preset mark integrated within the scale or by adding a reference sticker on top of the scale with the help of a self aligning installation tool.
    • LM13 magnetic linear encoder with DPI - Engineered for extreme service, the solid-state LM13 linear encoder operates from -10 °C to +80 °C, has water-proof sealing to IP68 and is highly resistant to shock, vibrations and pressure.
    • LM15 magnetic linear encoder - The LM15 features a compact sealed readhead that rides at up to 4 mm from the self-adhesive magnetic strip scale, which brings 100 m travel. The encoders come in digital output variants and offer a range of customer selectable resolutions 5 µm, 10 µm, 25 µm, 50 µm, 125 µm and 625 µm. The LM15 is capable of velocities up to 50 m/s; even at 25 µm resolution it is capable of more than 42 m/s.
  • Magnetic ring encoders
    • LM13 magnetic rnig encoder - The encoder comes in digital output variants and offers a range of customer selectable interpolation factors which offer resolutions from 1,280 to 327,680 counts per revolution. The LM13 is capable of velocities up to 25,000 revolutions per minute.
  • Magnetic rotary encoders

Renishaw's RLS encoders provide a range of useful output formats, including AB quadrature, analog voltage, UVW commutation, and linear voltage. They even provide absolute position output. Resolution is up to 13 bits -8192 counts/rev, or 0.044 deg.

A wide range of package configurations makes them ideal for integration into OEM systems. From board level PCB assemblies to fully housed and IP68 sealed, there is a package for every application.

All of this performance doesn't come at a premium price. Renishaw's RLS encoders compare very favourably to the prices of optical encoders. In many cases they are available at a substantially lower cost. What's more, they are intrinsically suited to high volume production.

Renishaw is a leading manufacturer of high performance encoder systems. Contact our applications engineers to discuss your next application. 1-847-286-9953