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RESOLUTE™ Absolute Optical Encoder System

Featured Product from Renishaw

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RESOLUTE™ Absolute Optical Linear and rotary (angle) encoder system from Renishaw.

RESOLUTE is a true absolute, fine pitch optical encoder system that has excellent dirt immunity, and an impressive specification that breaks new ground in position feedback. It is the world's first absolute encoder capable of 27-bit resolution at 36000 rev/min. It has an astonishing market-leading resolution of just 1 nanometre at up to 100 m/s for both linear and angle encoding applications.

Other Key Features include: Absolute position immediately upon switch-on and Outstanding positional stability and motion control integrity to name a few...Learn more...

RESOLUTE™ reads a unique single-track optical scale and offers further attractive benefits to machine designers by acquiring absolute position immediately upon switch-on, without the need for battery back-up. This completely eliminates the need for reference returns. Unique combinations of ruggedness, ultra-high speed and exceptional resolution mean that RESOLUTE is already attracting high levels of interest from manufacturers of high-performance lathes as well as slower-moving axes requiring the highest levels of precision and motion control integrity.