Resprep® Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Tubes

Featured Product from Restek

Resprep® solid phase extraction (SPE) tubes are manufactured with specially cleaned sorbents and high-purity plastics to minimize background and help eliminate troublesome interference. In order to ensure reproducibility, every finished product goes through rigorous QC testing, targeted to specific applications whenever possible, and an extensive certificate of analysis details the results. In addition, each box contains multiple foil bags of tubes to improve shelf life and keep unused sorbents factory-fresh. If you want proven quality and superior cleanliness with method-specific performance, you want Resprep® SPE tubes.

Resprep® SPE tubes are available with the following sorbents:

• Silica: Multipurpose
• EPH Silica: Petroleum
• Florisil® Adsorbent: Pesticides
• CarboPrep® Adsorbent: Dirty Samples

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