Trident LC Column Protection System

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Unlike "one size fits all" guard systems, the Trident LC column protection system gives you the power to select the right level of protection for your analysis (filter only, guard cartridge only, or filter and guard cartridge). With three levels of protection and a variety of guard cartridges and cap frits, you can select the best combination to match your specific analytical needs. The economical, leak-free design provides a highly versatile combination of convenience, economy, and reliability.

This newly redesigned protection system features an improved, reusable direct connect holder, which is machined from specialized materials that create a seal that will withstand rigorous repeat use. A durable metal tip and replaceable PEEK ferrules allow easy installation onto the column without tools. The holder has also been engineered for easy removal of the cap frit filter, allowing you to replace it in just seconds. Finally, since the Trident LC column protection system is designed with exceptionally low dead volume, it has minimal effect on retention, peak shape, and efficiency.

Protect your analytical column and preserve method chromatography with a Trident LC column protection system.

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