15W SiC Flyback Auxiliary Power Supply Board

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Wolfspeed's CRD-15DD17P - Wide Input Voltage Rage (300VDC - 1200VDC) 15W Flyback Auxiliary Power Supply Board from Richardson RFPD

  • Demonstration of the efficient operation of Cree's 1700 V, 1Ω SiC MOSFET with an availability of high blocking voltage and high creepage distance (~7mm)

  • Cree's 15 W flyback auxiliary power supply board can accept a wide range of AC or DC input voltage (480 VAC – 530 VAC) or (300 VDC—1200 VDC) and provide 12 VDC at the output with an exceptional efficiency of 85%

  • Simple control approach has been utilized to reduce the overall complexity and cost of the system

  • High-frequency operation of Cree'ss 1700 V, 1Ω SiC MOSFET has been demonstrated as well that helps in reducing form factor of the board significantly.

  • Targeting high voltage applications such as motor drives, solar power, traction, and energy storage

  • Documentation includes bill of materials (BOM), schematic, board layout, application note and a power point presentation

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