AD9166 Vector Signal Gen from Analog Devices

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AD9166:  DC to 9 GHz Vector Signal Generator - The AD9166 is a high performance, wideband, on-chip vector signal generator composed of a high speed JESD204B serializer/ deserializer (SERDES) interface, a flexible 16-bit digital datapath, a inphase/quadrature (I/Q) digital-to-analog converter (DAC) core, and an integrated differential to single-ended output buffer amplifier, matched to a 50 Ω load up to 10 GHz.

The DAC core is based on a quad-switch architecture, which is configurable to increase the effective DAC core update rate of up to 12.8 GSPS from a 6.4 GHz DAC sampling clock, with an analog output bandwidth of true dc to 9.0 GHz, typically. The digital datapath includes multiple interpolation filter stages, a direct digital synthesizer (DDS) block with multiple numerically controlled oscillators (NCOs) supporting fast frequency hopping (FFH), and additional FIR85 and inverse sinc filter stages to allow flexible spectrum planning.



- DC-coupled, 50 Ω matched output
- Up to 4.3 dBm output power, −9.5 dBm at 9 GHz
- DAC core update rate: 12.0 GSPS (guaranteed minimum) in 2× NRZ mode
- Wide analog bandwidth:  DC to 9.0 GHz in 2× NRZ mode (12.0 GSPS DAC update rate); 1.0 GHz to 8.0 GHz in mix mode (6.0 GSPS DAC update rate); DC to 4.5 GHz in NRZ mode (6.0 GSPS DAC update rate)
- Power dissipation of 4.88 W in 2× NRZ mode (10 GSPS DAC update rate)
- Bypassable datapath interpolation:  2×, 3×, 4×, 6×, 8×, 12×, 16×, 24×
Instantaneous (complex) signal bandwidth:  2.25 GHz with device clock at 5 GHz (2× interpolation); 1.8 GHz with device clock at 6 GHz (3× interpolation)
Fast frequency hopping
Integrated BiCMOS buffer amplifier


- Instrumentation: automated test equipment, electronic test and measurement, arbitrary waveform generators

- Electronic warfare: radars, jammers

- Broadband communications systems

- Local oscillator drivers