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ADF4377 Wideband Synthesizer: Analog Devices

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The ADF4377 is a high performance, ultralow jitter, dual output integer-N phased locked loop (PLL) with an integrated voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) ideally suited for data converter and mixed signal front end (MxFE) clock applications. The high performance PLL has a figure of merit of −239 dBc/Hz, ultralow 1/f noise, and a high phase frequency detector (PFD) frequency that can achieve ultralow in-band noise and integrated jitter. The fundamental VCO and output divider of the ADF4377 generate frequencies from 800 MHz to 12.8 GHz. The ADF4377 integrates all necessary power supply bypass capacitors, saving board space on compact boards.



-  Output frequency range: 800 MHz to 12.8 GHz
-  Jitter = 18 fsRMS (integration bandwidth: 100 Hz to 100 MHz)
-   Jitter = 27 fsRMS (ADC SNR method)
-   Wideband noise floor: −160 dBc/Hz at 12 GHz
-   PLL specifications:
          −239 dBc/Hz: normalized in-band phase noise floor
          −147 dBc/Hz: normalized in-band 1/f noise
          Phase detector frequency up to 500 MHz
          Reference input frequency up to 1000 MHz
          Typical spurious fPFD: −95 dBc at fOUT = 12 GHz


-  High performance data converter and MxFE clocking
-  Wireless infrastructure (MC-GSM, 5G)
-  Test and measurement