CHA2595-QDG: 27.5-43.5 GHz LNA from UMS

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Description: The CHA2595-QDG is a wideband monolithic Low Noise Amplifier with state-of-the-art wideband, low noise, adjustable gain performance.  It is designed for a wide range of applications, from military to commercial communication and test instrumentation systems.  It is manufactured with a successfully space evaluated pHEMT process, 100nm gate length, via holes through the substrate, air bridges and electron beam gate lithography.  It is supplied in a RoHS compliant low cost SMD package.

Main Features:

- Broadband performance: 27.5-43.5GHz

- Typical Linear Gain: 19.5dB

- Typical Noise Figure: 2.3dB

- P1dB: +11dBm

- Psat: +12dBm

- OIP3: >+20dBm

- DC bias: Vd=3.3V@Id=61mA

- 24L QFN 4x4

- MSL1