GaN Systems 200W Class D Audio Evaluation Platform

Featured Product from Richardson RFPD

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GaN E-HEMT fast switching, low Coss, and zero Qrr enables a new level of performance for Class D Audio amplifiers. GaN Systems GaN-based EVB platform from Richardson RFPD provides an excellent reference design for implementing a high performance, low cost audio system. The Class D amplifier and companion power supply are optimized for sound quality, thermal performance, size, and cost.

Features and Benefits

  • Superior sound quality through reduced THD and increased bandwidth
  • High efficiency due to lower transistor switching and conduction losses
  • Reduced size and weight from high switching frequencies
  • Low cost implementation through simplified design
  • Low EMI/EMC due to high performance switching
  • 2 channel, BTL amplifier designed for configurability and scalability
  • Scalable 75-500W companion split rail PSU optimized for use with Amplifier

Class D Amplifier

  • 75-250W, scalable to 500W
  • 2-channel, stand-alone design, with evident support for scalability and expandability
  • Bridge-Tied-Load (BTL) design
  • Includes the ability to switch between Open-Loop and Closed-Loop designs with optimized DSP control of each configuration

Companion SMPS

  • 75-250W, scalable to 500W
  • Split output for Audio
  • Targeting >90% efficiency (Si at 85%)
  • EMI/EMC friendly
  • No heatsinking, no cooling