Hermetic aluminum electrolytic capacitor

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The world’s only hermetic aluminum electrolytic capacitor with glass-to-metal seal. Type MLSH has extraordinary long life and rugged construction for the most demanding power
electronics applications.

Type MLSH has superior capacitance retention compared to axial wet tantalum capacitors at -55 °C. Packaged in a robust stainless steel case capable of withstanding 80g’s, it replaces 3 or
more axial wet tantalum capacitors in parallel.Unlike wet tantalums that require voltage derating at temperatures above 85 °C, type MLSH capacitors are rated for full operating voltage at
125 °C and tested to 5000 hrs at rated voltage and temperature.

• Hermetically sealed aluminum electrolytic (no dry-out)
• 100% tested per MIL-STD-883, Method 1014.2
• High capacitance retention at low temperature
• 80 G Vibration
• 125 °C maximum operating temperature (no derating required)
• Lighter than equivalent wet tantalum
• 1.5 V reverse voltage
• DC life test to 5000 hrs

Advantages Over Wet Tantalum
• Superior capacitance retention at -55 ºC compared with 3 or more wet tantalum capacitors in parallel
• Considerably lower cost (replaces three or more axial wet tantalum capacitors in parallel)
• Lighter than equivalent bank of wet tantalums
• Aluminum electrolytics do not contain conflict materials
• Not subject to shortages and market price fluctuations