MLP113M050EB0A - Flatpack, Ultra Long Life Cap

Featured Product from Richardson RFPD

The MLP’s high-energy storage and box-shape make it perfect for voltage holdup or filtering in military SEM-E modules, telecom circuit packs and computer cards. Cornell Dubilier's MLP series deliver up to 20 joules of energy storage in a 1/2” height with 50 year’s life at +45 ºC. You can readily heatsink it to double the ripple-current capability. The MLP is the square-peg component that fits the square-holes in electronic assemblies.

Specifications for this specific MLP113M050EB0A model include:
Rated Voltage: 50VDC
Capacitance: 11,000uF
Operating Temperature Range: -55oC to +85oC

- Low-profile replacement for snap-ins
- Double the ripple capability with a heatsink
- Nearly hermetic welded seal assures 50-year life
- Withstands more than 80,000 feet altitude