New W-band (THz) Schottky Diodes from MACOM

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- Low Series Resistance

- Low Capacitance

- High Cutoff Frequency

- Silicon Nitride Passivation

- Polyimide Scratch Protection

- Designed for Easy Circuit Insertion



- Radar

- Communications

- Test and Measurement



The MADZ-011002 Single junction, MADZ-011003 anti-parallel pair, MADZ-011004 reverse tee and MADZ-011005 unconnected anti-parallel  pair are gallium arsenide flip-chip THz Schottky barrier diodes.

These devices are fabricated on OMCVD epitaxial wafers using a process designed for high device uniformity and extremely low parasitics.  The diodes are fully passivated with silicon nitride and have an additional layer of polyimide for scratch protection.  The protective coatings prevent damage to the junction during automated or manual handling.  The flip chip configuration is suitable for pick-and-place insertion.

The high cutoff frequencies of these diodes allow use through W-band frequencies.  Typical applications include single and double balanced mixers in radio transceivers and automotive radars.

The MADZ-011003 anti-parallel pair is designed for use in sub harmonically pumped mixers.  Close matching of the diode characteristics results in high LO suppression at the RF input.

The MADZ-011005 unconnected pair may be used in temperature-compensated detector circuits, as well as receiver protector limiter circuits.