SMT Multiband Antennas for Mobile Devices

Featured Product from Richardson RFPD

The mXTEND antenna boosters are part of a new generation of antenna solutions based on the Fractus Antennas’ Virtual Antenna Technology, which is primarily focused on replacing custom antenna solutions with miniature and Standard, off-the-shelf components. Fractus Antennas has employed their proprietary Virtual Antenna Technology in the development of this product family, which offers high efficiency, small size and competitive pricing.

Applicable communication standards include; GSM850, GSM900, GSM1800/DCS, GSM1900/PCS, UMTS, LTE700, LTE800, LTE850, LTE900, LTE1700, LTE1800, LTE1900, LTE2000, LTE2100, LTE2300, LTE2500, LTE2600, LTE3500 and LTE3700.