Tamura gate drivers for SiC/IGBTs

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Tamura’s 2DM series integrates a dedicated DC-DC converter and a gate drive circuit. The series corresponds to various power modules by adding an external gate resistor of your choice. Features include: fast response (100ns typical), low common mode noise (parasitic capacitance: 15pF typical) and over current protection by DESAT detection.


• ALL-IN-ONE (Built-in DC/DC Converter and gate driver )

• 5V Logic input

• Over current protection by DESAT detection

• Miller Clamp circuit

• Low common mode noise (parasitic capacitance: 15pF TYP)

• Fast response (100ns typical)

• Dielectric withstand voltage: AC2500Vrms

2DM180506CM  - +18V / -5V for SiC power module

2DM180206CM  - +18V / -2V for SiC power module

2DM150806CM - +15V / -8V for IGBT power module

2DM150606CM - +15V / -6V for IGBT power module