VINco E3 - low-profile package

Featured Product from Richardson RFPD

Featuring the SLC (SoLid Cover) technology in the industry-standard low-profile package, Vincotech’s new VINco E3 package enables engineers to design mid-power inverters with higher output current, higher power density and improved reliability.

The IMB (Insulated Metal Baseplate) combines an electrically insulating resin layer with a direct-bonded top- and bottom-side copper layer. It replaces the substrate solder layer and separate baseplate to achieve:

 - High thermal cycling capability
- Reduced thermal resistance
- High power density and low stray inductance

Direct potting resin distributes the mechanical stress more uniformly than silicone gel for:

 - Improved power cycling capability

 Main Features:

 - Low-loss, Mitsubishi gen 7 or Trech IGBT4 chip technology
- Extended module life-time
- Industry-standard, low-profile package
- Built-in NTC
- Scalable product platform