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multi-output precision inclinometer
Full 360° Dual-Axis Highly-Accurate Digital Touch Screen Inclinometer
0.05° Accuracy Over Full Operating Temperature Range

The New Multi-Output Precision Inclinometer (MPI) provides high-accuracy with a sunlight readable touch screen & adjustable output parameters. The MPI measures in single or dual axis sensing mode, encased in a rugged machined Aluminum housing – the anodized finish protects the surface from wear. The design is well suited for hand-held use; each side is a machined flat reference surface.

Multiple Inputs
Long Lasting Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
8-30VDC Non-Regulated External Input Power
User selectable single or dual axis, horizontal or vertical measurements

Multiple Configurable Outputs
Graphic Touch Screen sunlight-readable display
Digital RS232 & RS485
Analog Voltage
Four Relay Switches

Multiple Output Measuring Units
The display shows angle in:
Percent Grade
Inch Per Foot Rise

Trip Angle Indicator Lights
Trip angle indicator lights can be activated to trip at predefined angles within the specified measuring range providing the operator a bright visual alert of changed condition. These can be coordinated with the built in relay outputs – each with field adjustable trip angle settings.


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Founded in 1917, Rieker Instrument Company Inc began manufacturing high quality inclinometers using hand blown glass tubing to exacting customer specifications. It’s earliest applications were used in the medical and aviation fields, providing accurate quality low cost solutions for measuring tilt and acceleration… Read More

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