Product Announcement from Rigaku Corporation



CrystalMation is a fully integrated platform for protein crystallization, automating every step from custom screen making to crystal imaging and analysis. Due to its modular design, CrystalMation can be configured to meet a wide range of requirements and can be expanded in the future to grow with your needs.

The complete crystallization workflow automated

The CrystalMation integrated system consisting of crystallization screen creation, plate setup, reservoir and protein dispense, plate storage and handling, image inspection, one-click optimization and software applications for experiment management. It streamlines the entire crystallization process and offers life science researchers a complete solution from protein to crystal.

What ties it all together

The individual instrument modules are combined into a fully automated platform using a device called the Integration Module. The Integration Module, together with its control software, manages the transfer of experimental plates and deep well blocks between instrument stations, and performs auxiliary tasks such as tape sealing, mixing, foil sealing and piercing.

The database is the key ingredient

Experimental results generated by the system are managed and analyzed by CrystalTrak, a software platform that is also used to set up experimental screens and define inspection schedules. Since all data are kept in a centralized database, researchers can retrieve all parameters that define a specific sample at any given time - a key requirement without which reproducibility is nearly impossible.

The benefits are immediately obvious

Such throughput makes sampling of larger and finer crystallization space now possible. In batch mode, seamlessly integrated robots are connected through a central database server, and offer the true performance of a high-throughput crystallization pipeline without user intervention. Experiments can also be run independently and manually on each individual robot, allowing the parameters to be finely tuned to resolve difficult cases. CrystalMation allows users the capability to design and launch experiments on the fly that are subsequently tracked by the crystallization database software, CrystalTrak. The hits can then be identified for harvesting or follow-up.

The perfect solution for high throughput labs

The fusion of science and technology reflected in CrystalMation makes it ideal for the structural genomics initiatives and the pharmaceutical industry, where high-throughput crystallography is used to determine large numbers of protein structures. Large scale, systematic and functional tests performed on the system indicate reproducibility and efficiency of crystal growth as well as new hit generation. In addition, liquid dispensing is consistent and reproducible, even at low volumes and a high drop-on-drop rate is consistently achieved. Inspections of all plates are completed within individually specified schedules and automatically ranked and stored in the database.


  • Crystallization screen making, coarse and fine
  • Crystallization plate setup at a rate of 110 96-well plates in SBS format per 8-hours working day
  • Automated delivery of lab supplies and plates
  • Automatic sealing of source blocks and crystallization plates
  • Plate storage with large capacity of up to 696 SBS plates and automatic retrieval
  • Customizable scheduling and automatic image inspection
  • Ease of use for multiple experiment launch in batch mode
  • One-click optimization design
  • Viewing of centralized image and chemistry database
  • Crystallization data-mining and analysis tools
  • Barcode reading and tracking